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Mas Hino NYC Special Order Reversed P/J Bass for Matt Duncan

Mas Hino NYC Special Order Reversed P/J Bass for Matt Duncan

Matt Duncan, Proud Owner of Mas Hino NYC P/J!

Thank you for the special order!

Hand cut 1 piece Ash body and Maple on Maple neck!
Smaller neck heel!

The pickups are Mas HIno NYC Mas Bajo pickups!
The P is wound with 42 gauge enamel to 11.5k , and the J pickup is wound with 42 gauge enamel to 11.5k also!

Schaller tuners! and La Bella Strings! deep talkin’ bass FM
.049 to .109! Flats!

Controls are Volume, Volume, Tone, 250k CTS solid shaft!
Orange drop caps !

Mas Hino NYC Special Order PJ Bass
○Price: $3,600.00~

*case comes with bass


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Making of Mas Hino NYC short scale bass part 4

Glueing the finger board.

Locating pins inserted, so the fingerboard doesnt slip when glueing.

The clamps are off!

Heating the locating pins with soldering gun to take out the pins.

Making of Mas Hino NYC short scale bass part 3

made a template from acrylic board.

The body is going to get routed. the body wood is Premavera 1 piece, also known as mexican blonde mahogany!

the body is getting routed with the template!

body cutout!

beveling the edges.

cut the back contour.

 cut the arm contour!

Making of Mas Hino NYC short scale bass Part 2

Route a channel to install titanium reinforcement rods.

Titanium rods ready to be glued

routed and installed truss rod between the titanium reinforced rods.

Making of Mas Hino NYC short scale.

draw out the full scale size on the body and neck wood.

the neck have been cut !

The “TOUR” Guitar Mas Hino NYC strat on the road with Lenny Kaye from Patti Smith band!

Check Lenny Kaye on tour with Mas Hino NYC  “tour guitar” !

Installing new trussrod in George Farmer’s custom bass vol.2


The graphite bars were epoxyed and route a channel for the truss rod , install trussrod and glue the fingerboard with titebond. (sorry no pictures for this part, forgot to take them !)  hand rubbed urethane oil finish!

All done and another happy camper!

Thank you George Farmer for the experience!