Repair / Technical Service

[Repair / Technical Service]

■Setup $85
Includes neck adjustment, check nut height, action, electronics, intonation, fret edges.

■Fret Job(refret) $435
replacing frets

■Gring & Polish $185
Level the excisting frets and crown & polish the frets

Pickups $50 per P.U.
Tuners $65
Bridge $85
Nut $100 + up
Floyd Rose $375
Strap Buttons $35

Active wirings $100+up
Passive wiring $50+up
Rewind Pickups $100 per coil
9V Battery cavity $75
Route for pickup cavity $50 per route

Broken Headstock $150+up
Acoustic top crack $100 per crack
Broken Truss Rod $800+up
Re Glue Bridge on Acoustic $250+up

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